Album – Mondriaan


De gulden snede

The Mondriaan cover

The Mondriaan album is a cover using a combination of leather/photo, linen/leather or linen/photo. The cover has a leather or photo part and a  linen part that folds all the way to the back of the cover. We create a perfect seam between the two materials. The different combination possibilities are endless. The photo/linen combination is well suited for portrait or landscape photos. If your photo is framed square it is perfect for a Mondriaan photo cover. The cover is divided in 1/4 to 3/4 parts for the combination of materials.


If you order a photo album with a photo cover like the Mondriaan or the Avercamp albums, you will need one of our cover templates. To use the templates to design your photo cover, you will need Adobe Photoshop. Download the correct template file, open in Photoshop and design the cover as you want it. The red areas in the template are part of the fold over and will not be visible on the cover. So make sure there is no important content in this area. Be sure to stretch or mirror your photo in this area, for the best result. Export your cover as JPG file ie: Cover.jpg and deliver the cover file together with the rest of your spreads by making use of our WeTransfer with the correct order number.

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