Delivery specifications





We use 3 template sizes for all of our albums; square, landscape or portrait. The templates are made for the biggest size of each album type. These sizes are the end final design sizes, and include safety margins of 1cm. Please don’t place important elements within the safety margins as they can be cut clean.

Square albums: 610x305mm @300 DPI sRGB / 7205×3602 px
Landscape albums: 813x305mm @300 DPI sRGB / 9602×3603 px
Portrait albums: 610x407mm @300 DPI sRGB / 7205×4807 px


Design your album

You always deliver spreads, in one of the three dimensions. No separate pages or separate photos. A spread is two pages. You will deliver the spreads to us as a sequence of JPG files (no PDF). Your filenames should be in a ascending order  (album_01.jpg, album_02.jpg, album_03.jpg etc.). There are no half spreads in our lay-flat albums. The first and last spreads are a full spread.


Album Software

We recommend using album design software like Smart Albums or Fundy Designer to design your albums. These apps are great and easy to use tools to quickly design albums. You will also find our Dutch Ink Albums templates in these apps. If you use our templates you don’t have to worry that your files have the right dimensions for the best results.



Black backgrounds are only possible on Photo Paper, and not possible on Fine-Art paper. Keep in mind to place your photos at least 1cm of the edge (of your actual book size) if you wish to have a white border around the photo’s in your album. The templates sizes are 30×30/40×30; white border is 1cm. For a 15×15/20×15 album you need at least 2cm of white border.
Double check your files before delivering them for print. Make sure your photos have been exported in the highest resolution, and your spreads are ready for print. We don’t sharpen or do color correction on your files. We print exactly what you give us.


Deliver files

Send us your files using our WeTransfer link. Upload your files using the order number you received for your order. Go to your Account page and go to orders to view all your orders. On the order details page you will find a button to send us your files using our WeTransfer link.



You are all done! After you have placed the order, payed the invoice and send the files to us. We will now begin production of your order. Our team will start printing the files and producing your custom album cover and box for you. You can download the invoice at your Account / Orders page.


We recommend using Smart Albums to design your albums quickly and easily. Smart Albums has been created for photographers, to easily design modern looking photo albums. You will find our templates in Smart Albums, so your files are always correct according specifications. Download

Fundy Designer

We recommend designing your albums using Fundy Designer. This app is also great to design your albums with great ease. Fundy Designer also has our Dutch Ink Albums templates. So your exports are always correct according to our specifications. Download

InDesign / Photoshop

You can also use InDesign or Photoshop to design your photo albums. Make sure your files have to correct dimensions. You can also download our InDesign / Photoshop templates below;
InDesign Templates /
Photoshop Templates


If you order a photo album with a photo cover like the Mondriaan or the Avercamp albums, you will need one of our cover templates. To use the templates to design your photo cover, you will need Adobe Photoshop. Download the correct template file, open in Photoshop and design the cover as you want it. The red areas in the template are part of the fold over and will not be visible on the cover. So make sure there is no important content in this area. Be sure to stretch or mirror your photo in this area, for the best result. Export your cover as JPG file ie: Cover.jpg and deliver the cover file together with the rest of your spreads by making use of our WeTransfer with the correct order number.

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