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Van Gogh

Our linen Van Gogh photo album is one of our most popular options. This linen albumcover is available in all sorts of colors and textures. And it has the most personalization options available.

The Van Gogh album has a hard cover and is wrapped in high quality linen fabric. This album is perfect for the smallest book sizes. But can also be very classy on a big photo book with beautiful color foil.

Our linen album cover is available in a wide range of natural and soft colors. The Van Gogh cover offers a wide range of possibilities for personalization.

Lots of colors to choose from

Natural linen

One of our most popular choices; Natural linen. The Natural linen collection looks beautifully timeless. Because of the natural colors and texture it is a very good option for a photo album cover. It has a slightly rougher texture than the other linen materials. With this more uneven texture, Natural linen gives your album an elegant and timeless look.

Coated Linen

Beautiful linen with a classic looking pattern and protective coating. A perfect choice to use as album cover material, since it is well protected against stains and grease. It is moist and dirt repellent. Our coated linen has a fine texture and is evenly died, but does not look plain. The Coated linen feels smooth and looks elegant on the cover of a luxury photo album.

Effen Linen

This collection of linen has a finer texture, and a more even color. It is a plain linen available in softer color tints. Its texture is soft and smooth and is less protected from getting stained. It is a popular option due to the softer colors.

Personalisatie opties voor linnen albums

Letter Embossing

Logo embossing

Foil Overprint

Laser engraving

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