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Fuji DPII Photo Paper is known for its sharp, rasterless prints. Photographic printing is a printing technique in which light-sensitive paper is exposed to light and developed with photo chemicals. A fantastic paper for colorful saturated prints. The paper is available in both a Lustre and Glossy finish. For many professional photographers their most chosen paper for photo albums.

Prints on Lustre Photo Paper are fingerprint resistant and have a shiny matte finish, and therefore very suitable for photo albums. Glossy has a high-gloss (reflective) finish.

Lustre en Glossy

Photo Paper is available in two types: Lustre and Glossy.

The lustre paper is a semi-glossy paper. The paper reflects light, but spreads the reflection. This gives prints on Lustre Photo Paper a light shine, that is very pleasant to look at.

The Glossy paper is meant for glamour lovers. The high gloss paper reflects the light and the smooth finish allows you to compare it with the reflection of a sheet of glass.

Both types of paper are good for fingerprint and dirt removal, and therefore extremely suitable for photo albums.

  • Available in all sizes except 35×35cm
  • Available with 5 till 53 spreads
  • Real photographic prints
  • Very good color saturation
  • Razor sharp prints
  • Deep blacks and shadow with large amounts of detail
  • Easy so clean spreads

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