Materials – Leather

Bull Leather

Genuine bull leather in beautiful robust typical leather colors. This high quality leather comes from European bulls, and if finished with a wax to preserve it’s characterfull appereance. Real leather is a product of nature. That’s why each skin is different and has a slighty different appearance. This collection of Bull leather has lots of natural creases and is full of character. Each piece of leather has a different drawing. A truelly luxurious appearance which will give your photo album an unmistakenly high quality look.

Nappa Leather

Elegant genuine leather in softer colors. Nappa leather has a finer leather texture and is dyed through and through to get an even consistent color. Only the best skins have been selected, with the least amount of scratches and insect bites. Nappa leather is available in a wide range of colors, and give your album a high quality look. And nothing beats the smell of reall leather.

Have your client pick a color

Our material collection is available in a downloadable PDF. You can send/link the PDF to your client to help them pick a cover material. You can download the PDF below, and share it with your clients. There is no Dutch Ink Albums branding on the PDF.

Are you also interested in a sample set with the cover materials? You can order a set of samples in the Shop, once you are logged in to the site.

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