Materials – Linen

Coated Linen

Beautiful linen with a classic looking pattern and protective coating. A perfect choice to use as album cover material, since it is well protected agains stains and grease. It is moist and dirt repellant. Our coated linen has a fine texture to it. The linen is evenly died, but does not look plain. The  Coated linen feel smooth and looks elegant on the cover of a luxury photo album.

Natural Linen

One of our most popular choices; Natural linen. The Natural linen collection looks beautifully timeless. Because of the natural colors and texture it is a very good option for a photo album cover. It has a slightly wider texture than the other linen materials. And Natural linen has a more uneven texture, which give your album an elegant and timeless look.

Effen linen

This collection of linen has a finer texture, and a more even color. A plain linen available is softer color tints. Effen linen feels like you would expect from a soft linen fabric. It is a popular option due to the softer colors.

Have your client pick a color

Our material collection is available in a downloadable PDF. You can send/link the PDF to your client to help them pick a cover material. You can download the PDF below, and share it with your clients. There is no Dutch Ink Albums branding on the PDF.

Are you also interested in a sample set with the cover materials? You can order a set of samples in the Shop, once you are logged in to the site.

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