Cover customization options

Cover customization options

Dutch Ink albums

Letter embossing without foil

Letter embossing is done with actual bronze letters. Each embossing is designed by hand letter by letter and is then pressed with heat into the cover. That’s why it is possible to choose any name or text for your album cover. The depth of the embossing varies according to the material chosen. Please refer to the chart below to see what foil colors work on what materials.

Gill Sans 36pt, Garamond 36pt, Garamond 16pt.

Available on all materials
– Van Gogh
– Vermeer
– Mondriaan

Letter embossing with foil

Letter embossing with foil is a very classy way way to personalise your album cover. Our most popular customisation option. Brass Letters are being hand picked to for a line of text. The letters then will be pressed into the leather and melted with a color foil of choice. Foil embossing will always be a little bit less deep compared to blind embossing. Please refer to the chart below to see what foil colors work on what materials.
Available on all materials except Velvet

Gill Sans 36pt, Garamond 36pt, Garamond 16pt.

Foil colors
Gold, Mat Gold, Silver, Mat Silver, Antraciet, Brown, Copper, Pearl

Logo embossing

You can order a custom company logo stamp once, so we can use it on all of your album covers. The logo design will be physically cut from a sheet of metal. We do need a clear vector file for this. There are limitations for ultra thin lines, or small logo sizes. Once we have your logo stamp we can use it to emboss on linnen or leather covers, with or without foil.
You can also choose to have a custom logo made for a one time use. You can order the logo die directly form the album order form.
Available on all materials

Foil colors
Gold, Mat Gold, Silver, Mat Silver, Antraciet, Brown, Copper, Pearl

Embossing foil colors availability

See which foil colors for embossing are available on our cover material collection. For the linen materials, you can select to have no foil material. But not having foil in linen makes the embossing usually hard to read. Please see below what will work in our experience.

FoilBull LederNappa LederNaturalNatural HALB1000Effen LinnenCoated LinnenMetallic/Champagne/ Copper/Gold
Blind (none)goodgood---okok
Mat Goldgood-goodokgoodgoodgood
Mat Silvergood---goodgoodgood

Foil Overprint

Foil Overprint is only possible on linen. With this technique we press foil onto the linen cover. This technique gives great contrast and legibility. The foil lays on top of the linen and not pressed into the linen like embossing.
Foil Overprint can be done in several foil colors. You can use your own designs or choose one of our available fonts. All we need is a vector file.

Foil colors
Black, white, gold or silver foil.
Available in different font’s.
Available for custom logo’s.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving is possible on all materials. It’s a fantastic versatile method of burning  a text or a logo into your linen or leather cover.

The result of the engraving varies according to the chosen material as the superior layer of the material is burned away.

On leather, the lower darker brown color comes through. On linen covers, the color turns  into a light brown. On dark leather the engraving is less visible than on light Nappa leather. On natural linen the rougher texture of the fabric prevents you from placing very detailed illustration or text.

Possible on all covers & boxes
Another advantage with Laser engraving is that it can be used on any cover or any box.