Banner – Lay-Flats & Premium

Banner – Lay-Flats & Premium
2018-12-19 Peter-Frans Heek


Our albums are bound as Lay-Flat albums. You can view your photo albums absolutly flat. And present your photo’s through the spine. You can design your spreads using full page spreads and have your images full the whole spread. Right trough the spine of the album. Check out our collection of lay-flat weddin albums from the highest quality.

Mat or Glossy?

Next to our bespoke Fine-Art paper books, we offer Fuji Photopaper in our albums. Your colourfull photography might be perfect for shiney photopapers. Or you might be loving the film type look of our mat Fine-Art papers. Each photographer has it own style and artistic style. What do you prefer? Mat of glossy? You can check out our paper comparisson right here.